The Last Stand of Pucho Vasquez – Video

June, 2009

This isn’t really a music video for the tune, it’s just a video made by friend and cat obsessive Marc Fearns about his cat using our track as a soundtrack. It’s just charming and good and we welcome people using our music on their vids!


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Salford Advertiser article on Lies Like These vid!

June, 2009

Lies Like These – Merchandise from Andrew Dubber on Vimeo.

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Impromptu Video for Lies Like These . . . Merchandise go viral . . .

June, 2009

This video was shot at Unconvention in Salford on Friday night after a conversation (over a few beers and then a pizza) about video costs. Andrew Dubber from New Music decided we should make one then and there in the pizza shop. He got out a small digital camera and I quickly told my “co-star” Tracy Dempsey what the song was about and we synched to my ipod. Afterwards, Dubber ripped the track from the ipod to his mac and in a few minutes we had this vid. It’s had tons of hits really quickly and loads of comments on the newmusicstrategies site. Have a look and let us know what you think of the budgetless (well Dubber got half a kebab pizza out of it) video as Merchandise go viral . . . ;0)

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Lies Like These – Merchandise from Andrew Dubber on Vimeo.

Sometimes video on Youtube

May, 2008

If you prefer, you can download the video in Quicktime by clicking here.